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The foundation of success of any Manufacturing organisation can be attributed to a combination of Skilled and Dedicated manpower, adaptability to innovation and change an Integrated manufacturing facility the manufacturing process and facilities are


Spinning mill produces Super Combed, Electronically tested, Auto Coned yarn confirming to international standards in various yarn counts.The investment into this facility has been done keeping in mind that the foundation to A quality product starts with yarn.


Most updated High Speed Knitting Unit – imported machines produce high quality fabrics including single and double jersey, jacquards, auto/engineered stripes, yarn dyed, interlocks and pique and fleece.


With the help of well-equipped lab to monitor and provide Quality inputs to meet any International standards. The special equipments available in the laboratory are

  • Recipe Calculation - JAYPAC & HELIOS SOFTWARE and MINOLAT SPECTROPHOTOMETER This recipe calculation system enables quick, effective calculations, which then are optimised and stored in an easy to use recipe database.

  • Colour matching Cabinet - VERIVIDE /PARAMOUNT


The Fong Super Sixty Soft flow dyeing machines in the processing facility coupled with quality dyestuff form CIBA GEIGY enable maintenance of consistency throughout the entire lot of fabric. The capacity to produce 10 tons of knit fabric per day in the following lot sizes.
Lot Size No Of Machines Purpose

25 Kgs 2 Sample machine
100 Kgs 2 Sample machine
250 Kgs 3 Lot Dyeing Machine
500 Kgs 3 Lot Dyeing Machine
750 Kgs 3 Lot Dyeing Machine
1000 Kgs 5 Lot Dyeing Machine


Wet Compacting, over-stretch and water removal in post process stage is done with the FERRARO- Corinao Squeezing machine.


The ALEA two chambers relaxed dryer with a production capacity of 10 tons per day. Performs the task of drying.


At present geared for tubular compacting alone the FERRARO - Comptex/ FV 1500 compacting machine produces high consistency in shrinkage control.


To augment the finishing capacity a Weiss Stem calendering machine

Printing Placement

Printing house has a MHM placement printing with a 9 colour registration capacity and an output of 10,000 to 12,000 pieces per day.


Placement embroidery, overall embroidery or any other type of embroidery can be performed


Cutting is performed with a mix of Band Knife, straight Knife and manual cutters. A total output of 5000 garments per day can be cut from this facility.


A combination of assembly line production and Bundle system, using modern sewing machines with labour saving devices can churn out between 3000 – 5000 garments per day based on the style of garment being produced.


Lightweight Heat-less steam Irons and vacuum tables cater to the finishing and packing requirement for 5000 T-shirts per day.